Business Development

  • Strategic action plans for effective operations
  • Implementation and improvement of organizational policy
  • Organizational structure and workload staffing models
  • Performance management expertise
  • Procurement and management of government contracts


  • Strategic advice on waste, fraud, and abuse reduction
  • Policy compliance inspections and reviews
  • Internal investigations of misconduct
  • Evaluation of organizational integrity and due diligence with covert red teaming

Security Training

  • Personal security awareness training programs for employee education and increased vigilance
  • Workplace and school violence mitigation strategies
  • Emergency planning to prepare for and respond to natural and man-made crises including Active Shooter Awareness programs

Risk Management

  • Investigation and protection strategies
  • Employee and contractor background screening advice
  • Guidance for security guard qualifications and operating procedures
  • Assessment of security infrastructure, operations and facilities as well as recommendations for effective countermeasures

Leadership Coaching

  • Assistance in professional development for security and law enforcement executives
  • Qualifications review and vetting for selecting superior talent
  • Independent external expert for advisory boards and reviews

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